Brushing Off the Blog Dust: New Words & Future Plans

Little WordPress blog, I haven’t forgotten you. But between trying to nab freelance gigs (I’m out here! Email me!), catching up on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt¬†and my day job, I’ve been so busy!

A few days ago, XOJane published a personal essay of mine about a terrible roommate I lived with for ¬†a year. You can read it right here. I don’t like to talk about how thoroughly he scammed me and it has been a huge relief to hear from hundreds of people who had their trust betrayed the same way. Munchhausen’s Disease is very real.

Which brings me to my next point: I designed this blog specifically for my journalism classes but I’m out of school now and I’d like to expand the scope of what I post here. So I’m going to re-do the look of this spot a bit. Keep an eye out from a fresh design and more essays/poetry/fiction in the next few months.

I’m always available by my email:, Twitter or Instagram.