Halloween in December

Ghost stories are a beloved tradition at Christmas. At least they used to be, that kind of stopped being a thing around the year 1890. But me, I’m always down for a good scary story. If you’re more interested in something spooky (also psychedelic, haunting and a little sleazy) than something festive (bah humbug!) check out this round up of my personal favorite 70s horror movies that I wrote for The Peachiest here.

I’m looking forward to launching a movie column for them soon, where I will explore the historical contexts of movies about or from the 1970’s. Hit me up in the comments with a name for the column, because I am completely stuck.

Last thing: If you’re so inclined, I have updated my resume with a much fancier layout and expanded my ‘professional services’ section. Feel free to check it out and contact me for any writing needs you may have, or just to say hi.