Op-Ed for the Philadelphia Gay News 2/25/16

I won’t mourn the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and I don’t think anyone in the gay community should feel obligated to have any sympathy for him. I don’t think any American with a working heart should spare him another thought.

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when news of Scalia’s death broke. Minutes after his passing was confirmed, there came the finger-wagging. Tweets written by exclusively straight, white and cisgender men reminding people that “regardless of their politics” it is “distasteful” to speak ill of the dead. These same people insisted to their followers that Antonin Scalia had a “brilliant legal mind” and a “great wit.” 

That’s easy for you guys to say. In the nearly 30 years that Scalia spent on the Supreme Court, his rulings never denied you anything: your rights, your dignity or your personal freedom. Antonin Scalia worked his whole career to drag social progression back to 1776. He was very proud of his “originalist” philosophy, meaning he believed the Constitution should remain exactly as it was written, instead of a living document that must grow and evolve to reflect the needs of the American people. 

He compared homosexuality to all manner of colorful things, including: flagpole sitting, rooting for the Chicago Cubs, eating snails, incest and recreational heroin use. Infamously, Scalia once told a gay law student that he believed marriage rights shouldn’t be opened to same-sex couples because of the moral stance against it. He compared marriage laws to the laws against murder, saying that murder is illegal because of moral feeling. He was quoted as saying to the gay student: “I’m surprised you’re not convinced.”

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New Year, New Stuff!

January was a busy month for me and I’m so happy I can finally start sharing everything I’ve been working on! First of all, I’m writing regularly for VideoGameDJ.com with one of my favorite humans ever, Elly Rox of PhillyGeekGirl. It’s so much fun to write about some of the stuff I like the most: games, music and geek life. Check out our coverage of this year’s Music and Gaming Fest, including my interview with drummer/game designer Rekcahdam and video game cover band Eight Bit Disaster. Keep an eye on that space. Lots of exciting stories coming up.

Second, I’m thrilled to share my first (but not last) story for The Spirit of Penn’s Garden, about the soon-to-open Le Cat Cafe. Matt and Max of The Spirit are doing something really ambitious and important with The Spirit News and I hope you’ll support local Philadelphia journalism however you can.

I’ve got plenty more happening in the next couple months, but if there’s anything going on in gaming, Philly or anywhere else you think I should cover, please drop me a line at bethanneboyle AT gmail DOT com. I love seeing a mailbox full of tips and ideas in the morning.