Halloween in December

Ghost stories are a beloved tradition at Christmas. At least they used to be, that kind of stopped being a thing around the year 1890. But me, I’m always down for a good scary story. If you’re more interested in something spooky (also psychedelic, haunting and a little sleazy) than something festive (bah humbug!) check out this round up of my personal favorite 70s horror movies that I wrote for The Peachiest here.

I’m looking forward to launching a movie column for them soon, where I will explore the historical contexts of movies about or from the 1970’s. Hit me up in the comments with a name for the column, because I am completely stuck.

Last thing: If you’re so inclined, I have updated my resume with a much fancier layout and expanded my ‘professional services’ section. Feel free to check it out and contact me for any writing needs you may have, or just to say hi. 

Look upon my LinkedIn page, ye mighty!

And give me more freelance work!

But seriously. I updated my resume and current links, including my recent story for xoJane that I’m very pleased with. Still working on the new logo, but all in good time.

Do people still use business cards? Should I put my twitter handle on it? (@bethanneboyle) Can I write them offo n my taxes? I’m thinking pale nimbus lettering on bone. What do you think?

Brushing Off the Blog Dust: New Words & Future Plans

Little WordPress blog, I haven’t forgotten you. But between trying to nab freelance gigs (I’m out here! Email me!), catching up on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and my day job, I’ve been so busy!

A few days ago, XOJane published a personal essay of mine about a terrible roommate I lived with for  a year. You can read it right here. I don’t like to talk about how thoroughly he scammed me and it has been a huge relief to hear from hundreds of people who had their trust betrayed the same way. Munchhausen’s Disease is very real.

Which brings me to my next point: I designed this blog specifically for my journalism classes but I’m out of school now and I’d like to expand the scope of what I post here. So I’m going to re-do the look of this spot a bit. Keep an eye out from a fresh design and more essays/poetry/fiction in the next few months.

I’m always available by my email: bethanneboyle@gmail.com, Twitter or Instagram.